Audio Visual Services

The standard AV equipment for each room is listed on the room information card. Non-standard AV equipment/services in Shared Spaces can be ordered directly through ManageSpace or by calling WUIT at 314-362-7798. To request Audio Visual Services for the Eric P. Newman Education Center (EPNEC), please contact Campus Support Services at 314-747-6338 (MEET).

Business Center Support

Campus Support Services is located on the second floor of the Eric P. Newman Education Center (320 S. Euclid Avenue). The Business Center offers general business support (copying, name tags, faxing, tent cards, etc).

FedEx is located on the Clinical Sciences Research Building (CSRB) Link and can assist with additional needs such as printing scientific posters, producing informative signage, publishing conference materials and more.


Campus Support Services understands that catering is a vital part of meetings.  Whether you are looking for a breakfast for five people or a dinner for 400, we have you covered.

Bon Appetit is the preferred catering vendor for the School of Medicine campus.

All reservations offering Alcohol must adhere to the Alcohol Guideline.

For events not at EPNEC, email Mark Catubig with Bon Appetit at

Please note: No Food/Beverage is allowed in computer testing/training rooms or FLTC 4th Floor Lab Classrooms.

Catering at EPNEC

When reserving space at the Eric P. Newman Education Center (EPNEC), all catering is contracted by the exclusive caterer, Bon Appetit. For menus and pricing information, contact Campus Support Services at 314-747-6338 (MEET).

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits

Contact the Continuing Medical Education Office if you have a course that is offering CME credits. Call 314-362-6891, email, or visit .

Custodial Services

OFMD Custodial Services will provide all of the room setting and furniture moving in space managed by Campus Support Services.  Custodial services can be requested by calling 314-362-3100 or logging into ServiceNow.

The host is responsible for the initial clean up and for depositing garbage in trash containers for removal by Custodial Services staff.

A one hour minimum fee for Custodial Services is required following any booking in Shared Space with more than 20 participants when food/beverage is served. After the host performs the initial cleanup, the Custodial Staff will remove trash and clean the space.  This fee is included in the room rent for secondary and tertiary users.

There is a one hour post block built into every reservation that is over four hours.  This will allow the custodian(s) to clean the space and re-set it to standard if a non-standard room set had been requested.  This post block time will not be billed to the client unless there were more than 20 people and food and/or beverages were consumed in the space.

Clients may rearrange room specific furniture for their events without requiring Custodial Services if they return the room to default set post event. If the space is not returned to the default set, the client will be billed for custodial services at the no advanced notice rate.

Clients may not reset residential furniture in Shared Spaces.

Equipment Rental

Campus Support Services offers equipment rentals at or below market rates for WUSM equipment and its contracted vendors. (Current Rates)

Easels, Flip Charts and Whiteboards
Requests should be made by calling Campus Support Services at 314-747-6338 (MEET). (Current Rates)

Furniture (Tables and Chairs)
Campus Support Services offers a wide array of furniture including 5′ and 6′ rectangular tables, 60″ round tables, cocktail tables, and chairs. (Current Rates)

Furniture requests for reservations in Shared Spaces, excluding EPNEC and NRB, should be made through ServiceNow. For assistance with these custodial requests, please call the FISC at 314-362-3100.

Furniture requests for the Eric P. Newman Education Center (EPNEC) should be made by calling Campus Support Services at 314-747-6338 (MEET).

Furniture requests for the Jeffrey T. Fort Neuroscience Research Building (NRB) must be made through a preferred vendor. Please call Campus Support Services at 314-747-6338 (MEET) for more information.

Poster Boards, Posters and Donation Boxes on Campus

Poster Boards

  • Poster Board Guideline
  • High quality, freestanding, 4’x8’, double sided board
  • Delivery and pickup
  • Customized diagram of the boards in the space you requested
  • Push pins or Velcro for mounting posters (available upon request)

As of August 1, 2017, all poster board rentals for space managed by Campus Support Services must be ordered through Campus Support Services to ensure volume discount pricing and delivery logistics. Fire and safety regulations will be enforced and poster board placement must not impede egress.

To request Poster Boards for an event in EPNEC or NRB, please contact your Event Specialist. For all other Poster Board requests, please submit a Poster Board Request Form.

Posters can be printed at the FedEx office location on the School of Medicine Campus. Poster templates are available on the WashU Medicine Marketing & Communications website.

Poster Display Request 
For more information on displaying promotional/informational posters on campus, please view the Poster Rail Guidelines and the Poster Locations Map or contact the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center front desk at 314-747-3285.

The office of Human Resources manages the Digital Signage throughout the Medical School Campus.  

Guideline for Collection/Donation Containers on Campus.

Printing Services

The FedEx location on the WUMC Campus that can assist with additional needs such as printing scientific posters, producing informative signage, publishing conference materials and more.

Meeting Coordination Services

Meeting Coordination Services

Detailed information about Meeting Coordination Services can be found here. Meeting Coordination Service fees will be billed to the host at the conclusion of the event. This fee may be included in the Day Meeting Package (DMP).


The lobbies of EPNEC and FLTC are staffed Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Campus Security is available to unlock and monitor an exterior door at the beginning of an event that occurs outside of normal business hours.  There will be an officer dispatched approximately 30 minutes prior to and 30 minutes post event start time. All access outside of this time will need to be via swipe card access or through an intercom system unless other arrangements have been made with Campus Support Services.  The WUSM employee responsible for the event will need to notify security when the event concludes.

Some WUSM and all Secondary and Tertiary reservations require a Campus Support Services staff member and/or contracted security to be present for the duration of the reservation. (Current Rates)

Sustainable Events (Green Meetings)

Learn More about creating a more sustainable event by visiting the Office of Sustainability’s Green Event Resource Page.

  • Green Event Certification
  • Greenware Program
  • Recommended Green Caterers
  • Resources for Event Composting
Transportation Services and Parking

Campus Support Services will recommend campus parking options for your attendees. Coordinators can arrange shuttles and parking validation services for events on campus. Please contact Campus Support Services at 314-747-6338 (MEET) for assistance with event parking and transportation support.

Directions to Campus
WUSM Transportation Services

Additional Services

Campus Support Services can assist you with procuring and managing a wide array of services. Please call us at 314-747-6338 (MEET) if you don’t see something listed.