Food Service is Open

Seating at all venues is open and available for customers and those who wish to bring their own lunches.

  • Unvaccinated individuals should maintain 6ft of distance from others when not masked.

Farmstead Café
7:00AM – 2:00PM
Dine in or Carryout
Online Ordering

Shell Café
Café Closed
Seating Open

Campus Store Grab and Go
8:00AM – 3:00PM
Online Ordering

Kaldi’s MCC
5:30AM – 5:30PM
Dine in or Carryout
Online Ordering

Kaldi’s FLTC
Café re-opening Fall 2021
Seating Open

Food Trucks
At this time, we are not allowing food trucks. We do hope to bring back the offering at some point in the future as we know it was a popular option for dining.  We don’t have an anticipated date at this time. 

Additional Seating
FLTC Hearth
Shafer Courtyard (outdoors)
Hope Plaza (outdoors)
Farmstead (outdoors)
Shell (Outdoors)

Things to Know Before You Go

The flow of the Shell Café has been reversed.

  • Order and pay online to assist with limiting the number of people in the café.
    • Enter through the seating area.
    • Follow signage for pre-order pickup location.
  • Order in person by entering through the seating area and placing your order with the cashier.
    • View the menu ahead of time to reduce density in the café.
    • Follow signage for order pickup in the café. 
  • Limited seating is available.
    • Please disinfect your area after you dine.
    • Spray bottles and paper towels are available in the café.
  • The staff of Bon Appetit is SO excited to see and serve you again!
    • The staff is undergoing daily screenings, washing hands regularly, wearing masks, sanitizing surfaces and consistently reviewing the operations to ensure quality and safety.
    • Click here to see their safety protocols.

Campus Support Services manages the service contracts for the Auxiliary Services on the Washington University Medical School Campus.