Unit price

Audio Visual Equipment Delivery Fee $50/day
Audio Visual Technician, Standard Rate $50/hour
Audio Visual Technician, Evening Rate $70/hour
Audio Visual Technician, Weekend Rate $140/ hour
Audio Visual Technician, No Advanced Notice $200/hour
Custodial Fee, Standard Hours $37/hour
Custodial Fee, Non-Standard Hours $56/hour
Custodial Fee, No Advanced Notice $74/hour
Meeting Coordination Services $50/hour
Parking Garage Validation, 4 hours or less $8/vehicle
Parking Garage Validation, More than 4 hours $15/vehicle
Parking Validation Service Fee $25/event
Security, Allied Barton, 4 hour Minimum $17.95/hour


Unit price

Chair $1.25 ea.
Easel $5 ea.
Flip Chart Stand, includes pad and markers $25 ea.
Poster boards, 4×8, double sided, includes customized layout $50 ea.
Table, 5’, 6’ and 8’ Rectangular $15 ea.
Table, Cocktail (call 314-747-6338 to reserve) $20 ea.
Whiteboard, Freestanding $10 ea.


Additional equipment and services are available.

Please contact us at 314-747-6338 (MEET) for more information.

Rates are valid from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.  
If you need budgeting rates for the following fiscal year, email