EPNEC Meeting Detail Form

Please complete the form below and submit. A copy of the information will be sent to you and your Event Specialist for review. For more information, please visit our website at https://meet.wustl.edu.

General Event Information

This verbiage will be used for signage in the building on the day of the event. If you would like to request different verbiage for the contract vs. event signage, please discuss with your Event Specialist.
On-Site/Planning Contact
On-Site/Planning Contact
Please note: this is who will receive a copy of this meeting detail form.
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Name


Do you need a registration table?
Do you have vendors?
Do you need poster boards?
Poster boards are 4×8, double-sided, free-standing boards. Please visit our website for additional information.
Cocktail tables, easels, flip charts, white boards, information tables, etc.

Audio Visual Needs

Would you like an AV Technician available?
Please note: an AV Technician is required in the EPNEC Auditorium for the duration of the meeting.
Does your meeting have a hybrid component?
Will you be providing your own Zoom link?
Microphones, PC laptop, extension cords, etc. (if no AV equipment is needed, please write in “N/A”)


Please check what applies:
Limited event parking is available in the Metro and Clayton-Taylor Garages. Please confirm with your Event Specialist.

Additional Information