Room 100, McDonnell Sciences Building

80 person computer/training room

McDonnell Sciences, Floor 1
Space type: Computer Lab/Training Room
Square footage: 

Standard arrangement: Computer Lab or Training Room
Capacity: 80
Tables: Fixed
Chairs: 80

Standard AV Equipment: Ceiling mounted projector, screen, VGA/HDMI and VIA connections, speakers, 4 Flat Screen monitors on the side walls, 80 computers for training. 

Microphone is available upon request.  

There is no computer for projection.

Unique Feature: Computers can be lowered into the tables with the push of a button to make flat surface, training tables if computers are not needed for training.  

Access: To reserve this room, complete a Reservation Information Form.  Attendees may enter by using their badge card to swipe in.

No food or beverages allowed in this room.